This letterbox was completely destroyed by one of the soda bombs.
This letterbox was completely destroyed by one of the soda bombs. Erin Smith

Teen fronts court over homemade soda bombs

A FEW hours in the watch house and the prospect of jail had 19-year-old Thomas William Edward Fagg fearing for his freedom after an idiotic soda bomb expedition saw him front Warwick Magistrates Court on eight wilful damage charges.

With two breaches of bail to add to the mix, it was a white-knuckled wait for Magistrate Andrew Cridland to decide Fagg's fete.

From the courtroom yesterday he was sent to the watch house for two hours to come up with a reason the Magistrate should not send him to jail.

"These are matters not out of range of a term of imprisonment," Magistrate Cridland told the court.

His wilful damage charges relate to an incident from 9.30pm on June 17 to the early hours of the morning on June 18, when Fagg and two accomplices drove around Warwick selecting houses at random to blow up their letterboxes and a garbage bin with homemade soda bombs.

Fagg and 21-year-old Tyler Grant, who had his court case adjourned until August 7, had purchased various parts from retail stores around town and constructed 10 bombs earlier that day.

Houses were targeted on Locke St, Junabee Rd, Pratten St and more.

When Fagg returned to the courtroom yesterday afternoon, after time in a cell and consultation with the probation officer, he pleaded guilty to all charges and convinced the magistrate why he should not be locked up.

"I realise what I have done and I know it was incredibly stupid and I could have hurt someone," Fagg said.

"I am willing to do whatever the court imposes and apologise to the people (whose property) I harmed.

Magistrate Cridland took into account his minimal criminal history and his career as an apprentice boilermaker when he sentenced him to 100 hours community service and 15 months probation.

Fagg said he was "too happy" to pay $60.30 restitution for damages.

Magistrate Cridland said he should count himself very lucky the penalties were not harsher.

"I'm going to give you a chance, but you can't expect any more chances," he told Fagg.

"The only option left if you do this again is that you will be put in jail.

"If it's drugs or alcohol making you like this, then you need to become a teetotaller and change your ways.

"This type of behaviour is simply not on."

The third accomplice, a 19-year-old woman did not appear in court.

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