Kingscliff teenage gang bashes trio

AN IPSWICH man was left “almost unrecognisable” to his family after he was brutally bashed and robbed while on an Easter break at the coast.

The 19-year-old - who has asked only to be known as Danny - was with two friends when they were bashed by a teenage gang of seven boys and three girls at Kingscliff in northern NSW.

Just after 11pm on Sunday night, following a game of cards at a caravan park, the trio walked to a nearby service station to get food.

At the servo they were approached by the group of young people who began to beat them, starting with a kick to Danny's head.

The three men were repeatedly punched and kicked until they were on the ground covering their faces in fear.

One of the attackers demanded their wallets and mobile phones.

Danny and his friend Colin managed to break away and ran to get help. The third victim, Nigel, was beaten unconscious

All three men were taken to the Tweed Hospital following the attack.

Danny, of Flinders View, was yesterday nursing a broken nose, two black eyes and two missing teeth. He said he was angry about the unprovoked attack, in which someone parted his arms from his face and punched him until his teeth fell out.

“His eye is just a slit, he couldn't even open it,” Danny's mother Janelle said.

“They just kept kicking him. One of the girls leant over him and told him to play dead otherwise they'd kill him.”

Colin and Danny said they didn't believe their attackers were drunk.

“They seemed sober,” Colin said. “They said something about us trying to steal their bikes, but they didn't even have bikes so we think they just made it up. They also said something about having knives, but we didn't see any.”

Danny's father Warren said the attack should be reason enough to get more police in the Kingscliff area.

“We just want to see them caught,” he said. “I hope the police catch them before they kill someone, because they will kill someone.”

The assault is the third of its kind in the area since the start of this year.

Inspector Darren Steel of Tweed Heads Police said he believed the incidents were not related and not being carried out by the one gang.

It is understood staff at the service station reviewed their CCTV footage after hearing about the assault.

Insp Steel said he was confident arrests would be made due to the “large number of people involved” in the attack

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