Teichmann gets life for murder of Coominya family man

A SUPREME court justice told a violent murderer - found guilty of bashing a family man to death at Coominya - that the general public would now be protected but he feared for the safety of prisoners inside jail.

Justice Peter Applegarth sentenced Jamie Rex Teichmann, now 38, to mandatory life imprisonment for the "brutal attack" on Michael Desmond Manson, 48, late on December 8, 2010, or the early hours of the next day.

He said Teichmann, who has already served 554 days behind bars, need psychiatric treatment to ensure his violence did not continue in the prison environment.

"The simple, sad and tragic fact is that a life of a decent citizen has been caused by your brutality," Justice Applegarth said.

"Your brutality and the loss of Mr Manson's life has caused understandable grief to family and friends."
Crown prosecutor Glen Cash had told the court Teichmann was jailed in 1995 for six years for attempted murder and jailed for 18 months for violence offences in 2008.

"He was (out) on parole for just over a month when he killed Mr Manson," he said.

Mr Cash said Teichmann would soon face a second murder trial, accused of killing another Coominya man a week after killing Mr Manson.

He said the Crown would allege Teichmann "shot a man" on December 15, 2010, "between the killing of Mr Manson and surrendering to police".

Justice Applegarth said Teichmann had told two people similar versions of how he beat the "crap" out of Mr Manson and "stomped all over him" before enlisting friends to help dump the body.

He said the men shoved Mr Manson on top of a ladder and other trade equipment in his own ute, leaving his feet hanging out of the hard cover, before abandoning it on a bush track near Atkinsons Dam where a horse rider found it two days later.

"It was a dreadful thing to do. You paid no respect to the body of the person you had killed," he said.

When Teichmann's lawyer told the court his client was now undertaking bible studies, Justice Applegarth said "one commandment seems to have escaped his attention".

He also noted documents mentioning how Teichmann was lifting weights with "undesirable people" while in jail.

Defence barrister Bruce Mumford said his client, a father of two songs aged 14 and nine, was an only child who was aged three when his father died.

He said Teichmann completed Year 10 at Kilcoy High School and had done some work with horses and cutting trees.

Mr Mumford said Teichmann's former partner told him his client could raise a bad temper after a few drinks.

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