SHOWCASE: The team.

Ten perfect years in jewellery

SHOWCASE Jewellers Burleigh Heads became a perfect “10” this year.

The jewellers entered their 10th year catering to rare and exquisite jewellery needs on Australia Day and owner Catherine Pevy-Trewartha said the Burleigh franchise had been in the top-five of the 300-strong Showcase family ever since she took over.

“Plus we were Showcase Store of the Year in 2008,” Ms Pevy-Trewartha said.

Showcase’s secret is its connection with the best international and domestic agents and suppliers.

Ms Pevy-Trewartha said Showcase Burleigh had an advantage over competitors because it could source stock six-months before them.

“Customers come in and say ‘Wow, everything’s so different’,” she said.

“We’ve always worked very hard to give the best personal service.

“The people we deal with are nice people, plus you’re dealing with a product which makes people happy, and many of our customers have become very good friends.”

Showcase Burleigh’s focus is on quality, Australian-made jewellery wherever possible.

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