TENANTS FROM HELL: See the mess left by evicted couple

A HARD working single mum has been left to clean up the mess at her rural rental property from tenants from hell who have disappeared owing $5000 in rent and a clean up bill in the thousands.

Christine Beatty's jaw dropped when she saw her Mongogarie rental property on Monday for the first time since the evicted tenants left.

She found piles of rubbish dumped throughout the property, tomato sauce on the walls, a disgusting bathroom, holes in plasterboard walls, and coco pops and rice all over the floors.

It was the final middle finger from a pair of tenants who had caused Ms Beatty months of grief.

When they moved in about 18 months ago Ms Beatty said she had sympathised with the pensioners' 'struggle street' circumstances.

"I thought maybe... they have been judged harshly by society, and I'll give them a go," she said.

But soon there were troubling stories from neighbours, noise complaints, and council ranger visits. Before long Ms Beatty was being abused just for asking when her rent would be paid.


And while the couple were apparently struggling to pay their bills they were busy living large, buying a jet ski, a camper trailer, and having luxury weekends away, according to a neighbour.

"They would do burnouts in the front yard and up the road, the stereo was blasting with country music all the time," she said.

After repeatedly failing to pay their rent the couple were ordered by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to vacate the property by July 21 and pay back almost $5000 in rental arrears.

On Sunday Ms Beatty finally received a text message from the couple claiming the property was empty and clean.

But when she inquired about the $4860 in rent owing, "suck it up buttercup" was their response - via text.

And the home certainly wasn't clean.

Ms Beatty spent all of yesterday trying to clean the bathroom and has had to request a week off from her employer at short notice to clean and repair the rest of the property.

She dropped off 140kg of loose rubbish to the tip yesterday, and there is still tyres, mattresses, and mouldy furniture left.

Ms Beatty said she had little hope of getting her money back let alone charging them for the clean up bill.

The couple have skipped town and can't be found.

A money order issued by NCAT has ended up being sent to the Mongogarie house.

"I've been told the onus is on me to find where they are so the sheriff can then enact the paperwork," she said.

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