HOT STUFF: The heat is on politically as well as in the weather.
HOT STUFF: The heat is on politically as well as in the weather. Scott Powick

The heat is on in council

MAYORAL MESSAGE with Cr Katie Milne

I HOPE everyone is okay in this heat. It was timely that the council supported my call on a policy for dense landscaping at the last meeting. A review of the stark landscaping at the new northbound Caltex Service Centre and surrounds was also supported.

It has been pretty hot politically too.

I was very proud that the council took a strong stand for our residents on the Airport Master Plan.

The Tweed residents and this internationally significant environment must be foremost in any consideration by the Federal Government. The Tweed Shire is the most sorely affected by the increase in passenger numbers from six million to 16 million and that must be recognised.

We are still waiting to officially hear if we are getting environmental offsets even in our own shire from the last airport approvals though.

My proposal for limiting commercial water extraction did not get up at this stage but my call for more information on groundwater was taken up. The community is also calling for hard evidence that this practice is sustainable.

The council has identified new options for the Men's Shed at Pottsville and the State Government is considering these. It looks like the rug may be pulled out from under this process though, if Cr Byrnes' rescission motion gets up at the March meeting. The process should be allowed to be finalised.

Residents opposite the recently approved Kings Forest Service Centre on Tweed Coast Rd were dismayed after the State Government backflipped on its original refusal and agreed to a negotiated court approval. Next to a koala corridor, with underground petrol tanks close to Cudgen Creek and significant farmlands, and in an identified scenic greenbelt... really Geoff?

Don't forget to comment on the Tweed Shire Community Strategic Plan, the vision for the Tweed for the next 10 years (see the council's website). Reforms to the State Government Planning Act are also on exhibition.

Warm regards,

- Mayor Katie Milne

* Mayor Katie Milne's column runs once a month in the Tweed Daily News. Contact her at

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