The King comes alive in American Trilogy

EARLY DAYS: Victor Trevino Jnr channels the 1950's sound Elvis - An American Trilogy, which will tour Australia in April.
EARLY DAYS: Victor Trevino Jnr channels the 1950's sound Elvis - An American Trilogy, which will tour Australia in April. Contributed

VICTOR Trevino Jnr never claimed to be the King, but recreating the magic and showmanship possessed by music's greatest ever entertainer is a responsibility not lost on the former musical theatre performer.

While an all-American boy growing up in the panhandle would be more likely to channel home-grown Texan legends like Waylon Jennings or Willie Nelson, the magnitude of stepping into the sizeable shoes of Elvis Presley after a chance meeting is an unlikely journey that's taken Trevino Jnr across the world.

"I always loved theatre but wasn't able to make a living. I was waiting tables and I was asked if I should consider being an Elvis performer, so I did,” Trevino Jnr told Tweed Daily News.

"I did contests and started reaching out to Elvis Enterprises, Legends In Concert and other things heavily affiliated with Elvis. Because of that I was able to learn more about the character and how he influenced America.

"I really appreciate what he did for not just America but the world.”

Chronicling the early years of Elvis' groundbreaking rockabilly sound which captured the heart of a nation not yet ready for his outlandish charisma, Trevino has performed in multiple Elvis tributes, including Elvis - An American Trilogy which tours Australia in March.

Following the career of the King, An American Trilogy is a biopic playing out in real-time, capturing the magic which made Elvis the greatest.

Sporting the trademark early 50's Elvis hairstyle and flashy outfits, Trevino Jnr looks every bit the part on stage, placing his own stamp on providing the platform for timelining the King's career.

"In the 50's he was brand new and he had no clue what he was doing. He loved most things kids his age weren't allowed to like and when you put them all together, you have the early Elvis sound which became very influential,” Trevino Jnr said.

"I try my best not to be cheesy and make it as close to Elvis' performances as possible, that's what people want to see and hear.”

Trevino Jnr said the unique show individually highlighted the importance of each Elvis era equally, while showing his growth as a performer and as a person.

He said if he could help the audience to connect with the magic, the show had achieved what each performer set out to do.

"You can't impersonate someone 100% because you're not that person but if I'm able to give just a glimpse of what he did, people will enjoy that,” Trevino Jnr said.

"If people feel like they're seeing Elvis, I'm doing my job.

"There's people that have seen the real Elvis, so I try to bring back memories for them.”

Elvis - An American Trilogy

  • Where: Twin Towns
  • When: Saturday, April 8
  • Tickets: From $50,

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