UKITOPIA Festival will showcase the amusing antics of the Pitts Family Circus.
UKITOPIA Festival will showcase the amusing antics of the Pitts Family Circus.

Pitts Circus at Ukitopia Festival

THE Pitts Family Circus will have the audience in stitches on November 14 and 15.

The fictional brother and sister duo, along with baby Wee Pitt, will perform as part of the colourful line-up at this year’s Ukitopia Festival.

The Pitts, made up of Bronte Webster (Sandy), and Gareth (Cessil) and Gwyn (Wee) Bjaaland, are eccentric vaudevillian performers.

Taking inspiration from comedy, slapstick, theatre and circus traditions this unique duo’s 40-minute show is a non-stop barrage of spectacular acrobatics, feats of comical contortion, odd-ball sight gags and engaging audience interactions.

From Sandy’s hilarious attempts at long-jumping to Cessil’s absurd juggling of his own leg they take the audience on a roller-coaster ride into a bizarre world of not-so traditional circus. And Wee Pitt never fails to charm and amaze, as one of the world’s smallest acrobats.

With more than 15 years of experience performing in at least 14 countries, they have thrilled audiences at many major festivals and events, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and numerous European international street theatre festivals.

Ukitopia Festival organiser Natascha Wernick said the quiet village of Uki will come alive on the weekend of November 14 and 15 for the annual festival.

“It’s a celebration of Uki life arts and culture,” Ms Wernick said.

The festival, in its second year, is a two-day community-orientated event.

“Last year it was a one-day event and the village was absolutely filled to capacity,” Ms Wernick said.

“This year we have extended the festival over two days, and with the Uki Public School and The Uki Kids Club, Oosh, involved there will be more space, more parking and more children’s and youth activities.”

As well as live music, the festival will include a kaleidoscope-style wishing wall, markets and various workshops.

The weekend is a free event organised by the Ukitopia Arts Collective, a non-profit organisation, however donations are welcome.

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