Abbatoir protest at  Strath Meats
Abbatoir protest at Strath Meats

Activists swarm abattoir after horror video

PROTESTERS have scaled the roof of a South Australian slaughterhouse linked to alleged animal cruelty. 

More than 20 animal cruelty activists used a ladder to climb onto the roof of Strath Meats Abattoir, Strathalbyn, just before sunrise.

The protest is being coordinated by animal rights organisations Adelaide Animal Save and Aussie Farms.

Aussie Farms spokesman Chris Delforce said Strath Meats Abattoir is one of 19 facilities exposed by hidden cameras for cruelty since 2011. 

"We're on the roof now, there's 23 of us on the roof right now and there's also people out the front protesting," Mr Delforce said. 

"We have large banners on the roof, we've got an image of a calf that was taken from this facility.

"Police are here but we're going to try stay for as long as we can. 

"We would leave early if were given a tour of the facility without cameras.

"(But) we want draw attention to what's happening inside this facility." 

In August, The Advertiser obtained horrific video secretly filmed inside Strath Meats Abattoir.

The footage revealed evidence of animal cruelty, including pigs drowning in scalding water and sheep being slammed into the ground.

Strath Pastoral managing director Adrian Lamp said the footage was obtained by a trespasser who set up the recording devices.

He said two staff members had been sacked and that RSPCA officials had visited the abattoir twice in 2018, when inspectors approved all procedures and processes.

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