LOVE IS ... getting the answers right on your first date with that country heartbreaker.
LOVE IS ... getting the answers right on your first date with that country heartbreaker. Bubbles Barbierato

Five words to ruin a date with a farmer #hilarious hashtag

IF YOU weren't born wearing boots, you use the word "cow" to describe any four-legged bovine and despite your best efforts all tractors look like, well, tractors, you aren't alone.

Though if you prefer sweaty country blokes over suave suited guys you could be in trouble.

But before you give up on hand-holding with a farmer-type we have a social media exchange that could salvage your rural romance.

It all started with a recent word game trending on Twitter #FiveWordsToRuinADate.

To give you a general idea, the comments were along the lines of "you look like my ex", "don't worry, it's not contagious".

Then on January 15 an enterprising Twitter user called Tiffany Marx, aka @Rickreallfarmer, a self-described agvocate, mother and farmer's wife from Oregon in the United States, tweaked the hashtag to #FiveWordsToRuin ADateWithAFarmer and launched a social media phenomenon.

For the past fortnight Twitter feeds across the globe have run wild with this hashtag with a farming focus at its heart.

The international response has highlighted the power of social media for industries like agriculture.

In the UK Sara Studden from the Farmer's Review compared the #FiveWordsTo RuinADateWithAFarmer hashtag with the popular ice bucket challenge that took hold on social media before Christmas.

"As those from the agricultural community know, it takes a certain breed of person to survive life in the countryside year-round on a long-term basis," Ms Studden said.

"Romantic visions of lolloping through soft barley fields and reading Jane Austen novels underneath the canopy of a broad oak tree being among the more idyllic, those who work in agriculture know that that sort of thing mostly just happens in movies and on TV.

"The realists amongst us know that it is often long hours of hard graft in all weathers...which result in farmers receiving up to 578 hours less sleep a year than 'normal' people (this stat was obtained from Facebook so treat with the caution this deserves from such a credible source).


"Then along comes #FiveWordsToRuinADateWith AFarmer to Twitter."



She described the hashtag as an agricultural insiders' chance to have a field day with their experiences and offer some insight to those whose concept of farming was gleened from a country living magazine.

In the United States social media commentors on the Rural Musing's site used the hashtag as a perfect example of how "social media and agriculture fit together in the same sentence".

In Australia, agriculture is starting to have a far greater presence on the social media scene.

This is a light-hearted example of how effective Twitter can be to spread messages from the paddocks, orchards and farms of Rural Weekly readers across the world.


It's also proof of the wit and good-humoured tenacity of those in agriculture.

And for our readers who haven't mastered how to stay in the saddle while the horse is actually moving, or still aren't sure if only bulls have horns this might well get you out of trouble.

Happy dating: there is something pretty special about country blokes even if they don't like late nights, city lights or animal rights groups.

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