DASH cameras are gaining popularity and it's no wonder why, according to Melbourne's Onsite Cameras Director Marcus Hoare.

For a small investment of $200-$300 you could set yourself up with a pretty good camera that is going to save you a lot of hassles.

Mr Hoare's clients sing the AutoCam's praises, they regularly tell him the cameras save them from fines or help them get them a better insurance deal.

They also send in their incidents and near misses and Mr Hoare has also compiled a few videos of incidents captured on the road at his website.

His latest AutoCam offers 30% better night vision and an accurate speed stamp all in full high definition for only $328.

"As far as we know quite a few owner drivers and fleets get discounts on their truck insurance. But our own understanding is that you must ask for it, the insurance companies will not hand it to you," he said.

A client summed up why they loved the cameras: "Yes the cameras help keep our premiums down, but they also are a great help when we have accidents that the other party claims is our fault. That is until they are told that we have a camera fitted and the footage will be provided to the insurance company, most then take their accusations back and no more is heard."

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