Troy Green has been appointed as the new general manager of the Tweed Shire Council.
Troy Green has been appointed as the new general manager of the Tweed Shire Council.

Letters to the editor: Tips for Troy Green's role as GM

AT LAST the circus is (partly) over, and a general manager has been appointed to run Tweed Shire Council.

The outcomes from all of this have been that the mayor has massaged his ego, ratepayers have been left with a very large debt, a good man has had his career and reputation severely damaged (if not destroyed), the community has been divided like never before, and the status quo has been maintained within the hallowed walls of TSC with the promotion of one of their own.

Congratulations must go to Troy Green on his appointment as general manager. He has a difficult role to fill.

It would be interesting to know Mr Green's reasons for the change of heart in applying for the job, and more interesting to know why councillors considered (if correctly reported) tertiary qualifications of a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and a Diploma of Education qualify a person for such a complex and demanding job as CEO of the largest business in Tweed Shire.

As a long time observer of council affairs, and a very involved critic of the sacking of the previous GM, I offer the following advice to Mr Green.

Under no circumstances get on the wrong side of the mayor. Do not offer any support for the drug and alcohol testing of councillors. Do not attempt to overhaul long-time entrenched working practices of staff or make staff changes to improve the efficient operation of TSC for the benefit of ratepayers.

Don't attempt to interfere in the sending of abusive emails by, or the illegal actions of, any councillors.

Certainly, do not attempt to seek advice and direction from the DLG - because if things go pear-shaped you will be left high and dry. And, lastly, ignore any complaints from developers against anyone associated with TSC.

Good luck Mr Green, you will need it!

Colin Brooks



IGA supermarket not needed

I WAS surprised to read both articles by Sue Gardiner in regards to Seagulls.

Sue reported that the club's general manager, Stuart Burrows, has appealed the decision of the Tweed Shire Council, where it was decided to reject the application by Seagulls for the development of an IGA supermarket.

Contrary to the claims by Mr Burrows of the supposed benefits to the local community, I feel the community will be disadvantaged.

Especially workers on their way to work, who can drop into the Panorama Shopping Village to buy the newspapers, cigarettes, cold drinks and sandwiches at 6am o'clock of a morning.

Also local housewives, who have to make up lunches for their husband and kids; if they are short of bread and milk they just have to duck around the corner.

I can't see Seagulls opening up early in the morning to cater for the people I have just spoken about.

A supermarket is not the be all would be or end all of everything; they are limited to what they provide.

I think most people would prefer to go either to Centro or Tweed City, where shoppers are able to buy anything from a brass pin to a battle ship, and also have the facilities to pay your bills, do your banking and see dentists, optometrists and whatever.

Personally I feel a supermarket at Seagulls would be as handy as a crack in a glass eye.

As a suggestion to Mr Burrows, I wonder if he has ever considered converting Seagulls into a circus as he has plenty of clowns on hand.

Geoff Mangan
Tweed Heads West


GST hit not yet a certainty

THIS is a challenge to the Labor Member for Richmond, Justine Elliot, to apologise for deliberately misleading the people of Richmond.

On the 5th of December5, 2013, Ms Elliot asked the Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Question Time: "Given that the Prime Minister said 'there will be no change to the GST, full stop, end of story', why is the Government now considering applying the GST to relocatable home parks - the complete opposite of what the Prime Minister promised?"

The Prime Minister replied: "Our commitments will be kept, but obviously, in the administration of tax law, various things happen, including draft tax office rulings."

Those who have followed this issue, and may have even watched that Question Time, would have been astonished to then read a statement from Ms Elliot on the 12th of December12 that read: "What the Prime Minister has now admitted is that he fully intends to slug mobile home residents with the GST on their site rentals."

Can Ms Elliot explain to the people of Richmond where in Mr Abbott's answer he says that?
Of course, Ms Elliot has been left red-faced by the decision just a few days later not to change the long-standing GST treatment of rented mobile homes.

If this is what turning Richmond into a marginal seat has done, I suggest the good people of Richmond scrutinise everything their Labor Member says to see if it is actually true.

Senator John Williams
Nationals Duty Senator for Richmond


Crystal clean drinking water

AS an artisan, way back in my South Gippsland era, I made and installed many different types of drinking water storage tanks.

A remedy I recommended to cleanse and refresh tank water was to introduce a handful or two of fresh water mussels into the tank to eat up all the unwanted impurities coming from of the roof catchments.
Mussels thrive on gunk, and it's old Mother Nature at work 24/7.

But Mike Yarrow's remedy (DN 04/01) to oxygenate tank water for drinking via compressed air is a splendid concept too.
"Cheers for crystal clean drinking water."

A Boucher
Banora Point


Attack on right to health care

THE issue of an up-front Federal Government fee for GP visits is hanging like an axe above pensioners, families and people on low and fixed incomes.

It is one thing for Mr Abbott to allow such an idea to be road-tested through the age-old method of a few well-placed leaks and a line-up of friendly economists happy to write Medicare off as unsustainable.

It is quite another, however, to have such a financial hit hanging over the most vulnerable members of our community.
If Mr Abbott had any sense of compassion at all, he would allay their fears and rule out the introduction of such an attack on the basic right to health care.

While this is playing out, however, there is a deafening silence from the National Party Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest.

How will the Tweed Hospital and the Murwillumbah Hospital cope when they face a tidal wave of new patients who can no longer afford to visit their GPs?

Does Mr Provest, or his uncaring Coalition government, have a plan to cope with this massive increase in demand?

This is one issue where doing or saying nothing is an untenable position.

Unless, of course, Mr Provest just doesn't care about these people.

Ron Goodman
Banora Point

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