BOATIE Mick Carew was out at Mackay Harbour yesterday, setting up to hit the water.

He was only too happy to give a few tips on proper boating etiquette.

  • Start your engine at home first. Make sure it starts properly.
  • Pull up at rigging area and get organised. Get the straps undone, bung in, gear in - everything.
  • When you reverse down the ramp take your time. There's no rush.
  • Take the boat off the trailer, park it and move your vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Remember: Being organised and methodical is the trick.
  • Lastly, give yourself a pat on the back for being a good sport.

"Being organised really is the trick to it all," Mr Carew said.

"Everyone will appreciate it. It's a big thing, common courtesy and commonsense.

"You can really tell the difference between a boatie, out all the time, and a weekend warrior and the guy who has no experience. It shows big time.

"Remember, a few kind words if someone has stuffed up is all that's needed, like 'Hey guys, maybe you could do this a bit differently next time'.

"Show them why that'll speed things up. Highlight why.

"I mean, we should all help train these guys, get them up to speed, have a chat.

"We all just want to get out there and have a top day," Mr Carew said.

When it comes to safety, remember to log your voyage every time, to keep well-maintained life jackets for all onboard, to check the weather and to stay under the legal drinking limit (or don't drink at all).

You do not have to be a member to use the Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) voyage logging service.

If you are a member use your membership number instead of your vessel name.


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