Nav and Harps.
Nav and Harps. Tweed Daily News

Traditional wedding for tv favourites

FRESH from filming Australia's Perfect Couple, Harpreet Ghooti and Navdeep Atwal were married in an elaborate six-day Indian wedding.

The couple are one of eight couples vying for $250,000 on the new reality series, which premiered last week.

Harps, of Murwillumbah, and Nav, of Coffs Harbour, became show favourites after exposing their “forbidden love” story, which involved them defying an arranged marriage.

The pair were married last February at Club Banora.

“There were so many rituals and ceremonies, it was too crazy,” Harps said. “Traditionally there are 15 rituals, and six days that make up an Indian wedding.”

Harps said her favourite part was shopping for the wedding in India.

“I went with Nav and his family so we were able to get to know each other. My dad spoilt me rotten and I was able to buy my ideal wedding dress, which weighed around 10kg.”

Nav said his favourite parts were the receptions in Tweed and Coffs Harbour.

“I had all my friends and family there to celebrate mine and Harps coming together.

“Our parents gave us an unbelievable wedding that we are so thankful of.”

The most unusual thing about the wedding, Nav said, was how much money was given to the couple.

“I'm not complaining though,” he laughed.

Harps said her girlfriends found it unusual that everyone started to cry at the end.

“I had to explain they are upset because I'm leaving my family.

“It happens at the end of every Sikh wedding.”

About 600 guests attended the wedding and both ceremonies, including three couples from the TV show.

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