Traffic cops' plea: cut the carnage on the roads

QUEENSLAND and NSW's top traffic cops have called on drivers to cut the carnage as the nation's road toll climbs higher.

Sixteen people have died on Australian roads over the Easter break.

Eight of those deaths were in Queensland.

A motorcyclist became the latest statistic when he collided with a concrete barrier near Cairns about midnight on Sunday.

Queensland's Easter toll is double NSW's, where four people have died.

An eight-year-old girl died, her big brother is fighting for his life, another child is in hospital and four women were hurt when a car and ute collided at Doyalson, NSW, on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, a four-year-old boy riding a scooter in Kingston died when he was hit by a car.

There have been two deaths in Western Australia and one each in Victoria and South Australia.

Queensland Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said every road user needed to play their part in cutting the deaths.

"Tragically we're in the middle, and we hope at the end, of the worst (road toll) count since 1992," he told reporters yesterday.

"There have been eight deaths on our roads over this Easter period from seven fatality crashes.

"This is a very poor result for this period and I would ask all Queenslanders, all visitors to Queensland and every person using our roads today and into the future to make good decisions about the use of the roads."

"If you're driving a car, if you're a passenger in a car, if you're a pedestrian, if you're a cyclist or a motorcyclist, it doesn't matter what use you are making of the roads, you need to make the best possible decision in the circumstances that you face."

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, urged drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

"Please, before you get into your car today, talk to each other, make the commitment to whoever is in your car or on your bike, that they are your responsibility," he said.

"Don't become distracted, don't drive faster than you should, and for everyone's sake - don't become complacent."


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