Travis's inquest moved

THE McCarron family's interests were not taken into account when a decision was made to move the Travis McCarron inquest to Sydney, according to their solicitor Sean Radburn.

The inquest in to the toddler's tragic death in a Tweed Heads South pond while on a Family Day Care park outing started in April this year, but a full week in Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah courthouses was not enough time for Deputy State Coroner of New South Wales Paul McMahon to hear all the evidence.

Throughout the week the McCarron family were a constant presence in the court room, bravely listening to evidence of the 21-month-old's April 2008 death.

But now the remainder of the inquest will be heard in Sydney, and family members will have to pay their own travel costs to attend.

Mr Radburn, who is representing the family at the inquest, confirmed the case was scheduled for the first week of August in Sydney, and the family would attend at their own expense.

“The reason the inquest is being held down there is because all the witnesses who will now be giving evidence will be expert witnesses who are from other areas (outside of Tweed Heads) ... it is for the practical purposes of the court,” Mr Radburn said.

He said the court's needs came before the family's.

“They really haven't taken the family's interests into consideration when they say they will hear it down there.

“The family will obviously incur further costs for travelling to Sydney for a week. They all want to go down, they want to follow it through and see what the recommendation of the coroner is.”

“It has made it harder for the whole family; there is no doubt about it.

“Whether the McCarrons are happy about it or not, they will comply with the court order.”

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