POCKET MONEY: Jed Lennon (right) leaves court after admitting to drug charges.
POCKET MONEY: Jed Lennon (right) leaves court after admitting to drug charges. ROSS IRBY

Trouser cash puts police on trail of a 'sporadic' supplier

CLUBBER Jed Lennon had $2800 cash stuffed down his undies and MDMA pills on him when Ipswich police interrupted his night out with mates.

Lennon was later busted for having steroids, supplying MDMA and cocaine, and having magic mushroom, the Ipswich District Court has heard.

Jed Robert Lennon, 26, pleaded guilty to 11 offences including supplying schedule 1 and schedule 2 dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs; possession of proceeds from a suspected drug offence; and possession of property used in a drug offence.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson said Lennon was 24 at the time of the offences in April and August 2016.

She said Lennon had four MDMA pills on him after police went to an Ipswich hotel on April 30, 2016, to investigate possible drug dealing.

In a pat-down search, $2865 cash was found down the front of his trousers. Lennon told police at the time the money was from the sale of a motorcycle.

Then on August 18 when police went to his home, Lennon's mobile phone held drug-related text messages, with one saying: "I've got everything you need".

Ms Thompson said a water pipe, a small amount of marijuana, two vials of a steroid, and magic mushroom were found.

Crown facts revealed Lennon supplied dangerous drugs on five occasions to four people within six months.

There were actual supplies of MDMA, a cocaine supply, and one text was an offer to supply an unknown drug.

Ms Thompson said the supplies were commercial, with a request for payment, and done when Lennon was on a bond for a drug offence.

The Crown sought a head sentence of 12-18 months jail.

Defence lawyer Max Russ said the supplies were to Lennon's friends and had only been "sporadic".

He said it was a wake-up call and he was no longer involved in illicit drug use.

Mr Russ sought for a conviction not to be recorded, saying Lennon ran a carpentry landscaping business and only held a "probationary" licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

The QBCC was interested in his matter and he feared losing his licence.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said Lennon was lucky not to go to jail.

"In April you were found with $2865 stuffed down the front of your trousers having just left a nightclub. You persuaded police at the time it was from the sale of a motorcycle," said Judge Horneman-Wren.

Lennon was sentenced to 12 months jail, which was immediately suspended for two years.

He was further ordered to complete 18-month probation, with counselling and urine tests.

Convictions were recorded.

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