Truck dives into creek

IT was water under the bridge for a truckie who remained unscathed when his vehicle took a nose-dive into a creek yesterday.

Emergency crews couldn't believe the man was not injured and the semi-trailer didn't roll over after it left the Pacific Highway north of the Sleepy Hollow rest stop about 6.50am.

The vehicle left a trail of destruction after leaving the roadway, travelling down a steep and vegetated embankment and under a bridge before crashing into the shallow waters below.

It is not known how the accident happened.

An ambulance spokesman said a Kingscliff crew attended the scene, but the patient refused to be taken to hospital.

Eight hours after the crash, emergency crews were still trying to retrieve the semitrailer.

NSW Fire Brigade at Tweed Heads sent a Hazmat vehicle to the scene in the morning in case the truck contained dangerous materials or the fuel line had ripped and caused petrol to spill into the creek.

Firefighters from Tweed Coast Rural Fire Service were also at the scene.

Mark Eglington, of the RFS, said the firefighters and tow truck crews had an arduous task ahead in removing the semi-trailer from the water.

“He's a very lucky man,” Mr Eglington said of the driver.

“He just picked up his bag, walked away and got into one of his mate's trucks.”

It is understood the truck was not carrying a full load, with some small crates and a motorbikes among the items in the rear.

“If he'd had more in the back, he would've definitely rolled it,” Mr Eglington said.

Police could provide no further details on the crash late yesterday.

The heavy rainfall, or possibly the black Friday curse, led to a number of traffic accidents across Tweed yesterday.

North-bound traffic was backed up to the RTA truck stop at Chinderah following a crash at Sexton Hill about 10.30am.

A car and a semitrailer collided in the north-bound lanes, but only minor injuries were reported.

A third crash occurred at Ocean Shores in the afternoon, but no details were available yesterday.

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