Tugun bypass tunnel.
Tugun bypass tunnel. John Gass

Truckies can’t resist the Tugun Tunnel challenge

IF YOU were wondering why the Tugun Bypass was backed up Tuesday afternoon the answer might leave you with a serious case of déja vu.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said an over-height truck tried to enter the tunnel at 4.05pm, despite three warning signs leading to its entrance stating a 4.6 metre maximum height.

This is the third time in about a month over-height trucks have attempted to squeeze through the tunnel

The tunnel entrance closed, thanks to smart technology which issues three warnings before automatically preventing over-height vehicles entering and causing damage.

At 5.26pm NSW Police began work to reverse the truck to a nearby turnaround point and by 5.40pm all lanes were reopened, with congestion clearing some time after.

"It is the responsibility of drivers to know the height of their vehicles and be aware of permit restrictions that apply," the spokesman said.

"All vehicles of 4.6 metres or more in height are required to have a permit to travel on NSW and QLD roads and are required by their permits to cross the border using the Gold Coast Highway through Tugun."

"As the tunnel is located on the NSW side of the border, NSW Roads and Maritime Services determine whether or not to take action against drivers of offending vehicles."

My Daily News will endeavour to find out whether the truck's driver will be fined or charged as a result of the incident.

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