The Tugun bypass tunnel.
The Tugun bypass tunnel. John Gass

Despite fines truckies try to squeeze through Tugun Tunnel

IT'S a case of passing the buck when it comes to penalising truck drivers for trying to drive over-height trucks through the Tugun Bypass tunnel.

Despite a Roads and Maritime Services spokeswoman previously telling they do not penalise drivers as a result of height infringements, and that the task was allocated to NSW Police, this week a truck driver, who caused a 6km traffic jam on the bypass on July 5, was fined $1215.

The NSW Police are also considering action against a driver who caused a similar issue two days earlier, as the two departments share the responsibility of enforcing over-height truck permits and conditions.

In the last two weeks alone, three over-height trucks have caused long traffic delays and considerable congestion on the bypass after flouting permit conditions requiring them to travel on the Gold Coast Hwy.

NSW Police said in a statement action was taken against at least two of the truck drivers by roads and maritime.

"Yes, Action was taken by the Roads and Maritime Service for being off route due to height," they said.

"Further details of the offences and/or penalties are best sourced via this agency.

"When an instance occurs, action will be taken by either Police and/or the RMS."

The NSW Government announced "tough new sanctions" against over-height truck drivers causing disruptions on the road on May 1.

"Most truck drivers do the right thing and stick to the roads they are allowed to use but for the few rogue drivers who choose to move off the approved route, we will ensure the consequences discourage them from doing it twice," Minister for Roads and Ports Duncay Gay said.

Mr Gay said the sanctions would include suspending registrations for three months and charging truckies for the cost of damage to infrastructure, tow trucks, staff and other resources used to remove a heavy vehicle that is stuck due to breaching permit conditions.

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