SEA WORLD has celebrated the successful rehabilitation of two Green Turtles after sending them back into the ocean on Wednesday at Fingal Beach.

Named Swim Shady and Cookie, the turtle pairing was brought into the rehabilitation regime in late July, after being discovered in need of care off the Tweed coast.

"Both turtles were found floating off Cook Island by a local dive team and were taken to our veterinary facility at Sea World and put on a rehabilitation regime," Sea World Curator of Fishes, Marnie Horton said.

"Thanks to their rehabilitation regime, both turtles' body condition and swimming behaviour returned to normal and their appetite increased to a level where they were both suitable for release.

"It is a great outcome for the turtles and the ability to release them back to Fingal Beach, which is the area where they were located, is really pleasing as we know this is a good habitat for the species."

The pair are part of an average of 50 turtles which come into the care of Sea World annually.

Ms Horton said there were a variety turtles are hurt or injured to the point they need rehabilitation.

"Many (come) into our care with injuries due to human interaction such as fishing line and netting entanglements, ingestion of line, lures and hooks or with hooks in their flippers," she said.

"Sea World through the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation is very proud to be able to assist in the recovery and conservation of all marine life and it is always great to be able to release the animals back to the ocean."

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