Les Piper will have to produce a polished performance to account for Josh Clenshaw on the Gold Coast tonight. Photo Craig Clifford/Sportpics
Les Piper will have to produce a polished performance to account for Josh Clenshaw on the Gold Coast tonight. Photo Craig Clifford/Sportpics

Diamond not Chainsaw's best friend

TONIGHT’S headline bout on Jamie Myer’s “Clash of the Contenders” bill could transpire as more of an art room brawl than an art form, when two noted adversaries square off at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

It’s not that “Diamond” Les Piper (12-6-3, 3 KOs) and “The Chainsaw” Josh Clenshaw (29-18, 14 KOs) can’t box – they’ve taken on the best Australian boxing has to offer – but rather whether they can control their emotions.

The two have been chomping at the bit to fight each other ever since they crossed paths on reality boxing series The Contender.

Although they’ve both overcome major adversity and challenges, it was apparent the combatants had a distinct distaste for each other.

Robert Brown from the Jamie Myer camp said the contest should make for a memorable slugfest.

He said they would not only prove to themselves but to the whole boxing fraternity who the better fighter is.

“We have two fighters who would rather miss dinner than miss this fight,” Brown said.

“This is a grudge match you can’t afford to miss.

“This should lead to an exciting and volatile showdown, and a clear result as to who is not only the better fighter but also the better man in their eyes.

“There is no escape for the combatants in this fight as both work to get inside and be all over their opponent like a cheap suit.”

Piper has fought notable opposition such as William Hadlow and Israel Kani, who was also on The Contender.

A no-nonsense boxer who will not take a backward step in any fight against any fighter, he has stood toe-to-toe with every man before him.

“Josh’s task is certainly not an easy one,” Brown said.

“Les has come back from an accident which nearly cost him his life to be an Australian super middleweight title-holder.

“The man clearly has guts and determination.”

However, Brown said Piper’s reputation will matter little to Clenshaw.

Clenshaw has also fought world title contenders and classy opposition such as Nadar Hamdin, Kariz Kariuki and Daniel McKinnon in which he had an impressive decision win during The Contender.

“Josh has fought anyone who has been willing and able to fight him and will not back away from the ‘Diamond’,” Brown said.

“He is a man of very few words, and leaves his talking where it belongs, communicating with his fists.”

It is a particularly important fight for Clenshaw’s career.

If he happens to defeat Piper, he is hoping to take on Miami’s Les “Lock and Load” Sherrington, the WBF and PABF super-middleweight title-holder.

Clenshaw is planning to halt Sherrington’s meteoric rise to stardom and add a big scalp to his record.

But first he must get through a determined Piper.

The Piper-Clenshaw headliner is just one of the exciting fights scheduled on what should prove an explosive night for Australian boxing, with former basketballer John Szigeti and MMA knockout machine Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne also set to slug it out.

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