MPs rejoice in historic victory

THE odds were unbeatable for a Nationals clean sweep in the Tweed and Lismore electorates.

Sitting Nationals MP Geoff Provest and Thomas George have retained their seats by an overwhelming majority.

Both Mr Provest and Mr George won more than 60% of the primary votes, with Mr Provest pleased to see a massive 18% swing in the seat of Tweed.

“Now is the time to keep my head down and keep working hard,” Mr Provest said.

“I take this win as a vote of confidence from the people of the Tweed.

“There is going to be a dramatic change for the Tweed and I will be actively seeking input from the local community.

“Now we can get some real results with direct access to ministers.”

Mr Provest said Tweed residents can hold him to his election promises.

“We have committed $1 million to do a planning study for the track from Casino to the airport, and I want that study done by the end of the year,” he said.

“I want this great wall of China to fall down and start negotiating with Queensland.

“I am seeking a location for a new police station, a general-duties dog and an increase in numbers to match our population growth.

“When I make a commitment I follow it through and stand behind it.”

Tweed Greens candidate Andrea Vickers said although the Greens suffered a loss, the swing to the party in the Tweed was something to take note of.

“We’ve nearly doubled our primary vote, with a 6.8% swing, leading to 15.2% at the finish line. That’s the fourth-highest swing to the Greens in NSW, and it’s almost five times the average Greens swing of 1.4% state-wide,” Ms Vickers said.

“This is really a remark- able result.

“We came within 2000 votes of Labor in Tweed, and the Byron and Lismore Greens both eclipsed the Labor candidates to achieve over 20% of the primary vote.

“Mr Provest is in government now, and Tweed voters will be interested to see if he can give us real results on services, trans- port, development controls, and cleaning up politics in Tweed and in NSW.”

Tweed Labor candidate Reece Byrnes said he will hold Mr Provest to his promises.

“The result wasn’t really a surprise, but the campaign was run very well by both sides,” Mr Byrnes said.

“I think some promises might be ignored, and they made a lot of promises.

“He’s had four-years to deliver on Kirkwood Rd, and as a man of Labor I’ll highlight when Geoff slips up.

“The Labor party’s been around for 100 years, so we’ll be back.”

Despite getting only 2.6% of the primary votes, Tweed Christian Democrat candidate Corinne Pennay said being part of the election has been a great ex- perience.

“I wish Mr Provest all the best; he has worked hard,” Ms Pennay said.

“I think people need to be better educated on what Christian Democrats stand for. I am really excited I ran though. More doors open for you when you are a candidate.”

Mr Provest and Mr George will head to Sydney on Wednesday for a meeting at Parliament House.

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