WEDDING PLANS: Tara Baker and Arlia  Hassell  with their new Bridal Magazine, Dancing with Her.
WEDDING PLANS: Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell with their new Bridal Magazine, Dancing with Her. Scott Powick

Tweed magazine is a space for same-sex marriage

FLIPPLING through wedding magazines while planning for the big day can be an exciting time for any engaged couple.

There are bundles of magazines featuring happy brides and grooms in the perfect wedding attire, set in the ideal locations and decorated with the most exquisite things.

But when Tweed couple Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell got engaged in 2016, they noticed there wasn't anything that represented their dream wedding in print or online.

A year later, Dancing With Her magazine was created to help and inspire same-sex couples while planning their wedding.

We chat with Tara about the Dancing With Her magazine:

How has the response been to the magazine since the launch?

Volume One was released in both digital and print in November 2017.

We felt completely under-represented and the representation we did see was stereotypical and outdated. We just didn't see ourselves in it.

The magazine was released just a week prior to the results of the marriage equality survey which we couldn't have planned even if we had tried.

It's been overwhelmingly positive. We've been lucky enough to reach more than 30 countries across the world, from the US to Dubai, The Netherlands to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

Women were searching for a publication like Dancing With Her and we are humbled to have had the opportunity to reach them from our modest home office in Tweed Heads.

Have you found since marriage equality was made legal there's been more interest in your magazine?

We were sharing wedding stories of Australian women since the day we began - regardless of what the law said, but we've noticed there are a lot more weddings being planned since the change in law.

It's a really exciting time for the LGBTQ+ community and we can't wait to share even more beautiful stories.

What does it mean to have a publication like yours represented in the wedding media industry?

It's about time the wedding industry had some disruption.

Representation of diversity is so important within every industry, especially one that celebrates love. It blows our minds that something like this didn't already exist.

There are countries that have had marriage equality for nearly 20 years yet the representation of diverse couples is nearly non-existent.

What are you plans for the future for the magazine?

Volume Two is due out in March and will feature some of the most beautiful weddings we've seen, including a couple who had one of the first legal weddings in Australia.

We're also really excited to have a few events planned including a wedding festival for the LGBTQ+ community in April.

There will also be a strong focus on working with wedding vendors, the people on the forefront of the wedding industry, and making sure they are working in the most inclusive way possible.

Fast facts

  • Dancing With Her is available in digital or print and can be purchased by visiting
  • Volume Two is scheduled to start making its way to mailboxes in March 2018.

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