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Tweed mum’s shopping trip could have led to tragedy

POLICE and the Department of Community Services are investigating after a young boy was left in a hot car outside a Tweed Heads South shopping centre.

Tweed blogger Rebel Wylie was outraged after her husband found a young boy, about four years old, in a hot car outside Aldi on Machinery Dr last Saturday, when temperatures reached about 30 degrees.

It is believed the mother of the boy had been shopping for about an hour.

Ms Wylie, who wrote an open letter to the mother on her blog, Rebel Without a Pause, said it was a "pretty confronting" scene.

"The scenarios of what might have been just kept running through my mind," Ms Wylie said.

"Of course the heat is frightening and so very, very dangerous, but so is leaving your child alone to fend for themself.

"If that child had hopped out of the car and wandered off, anything could have happened to him."

Ms Wylie said her husband was able to befriend the child, to coerce him out of the hot car.

She said, after some consideration, she reported the incident to the police. Tweed-Byron LAC Inspector Darren Steel said unfortunately this was a common problem on the Tweed.

"I suppose some people think they'll just duck into the shops. I'd imagine they just don't appreciate how quickly it can heat up," Insp Steel said.

On the same day, Kingscliff Fire and Rescue posted to Facebook a photo of a soccer ball that had burst after being left in a hot car. On an average summer day, a parked car can be up to 40 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. Opening windows slightly makes little difference.

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