Tweed police staying in region

TWEED police will remain in the region as the New South Wales Police Force begins selecting officers for deployment to flood-ravaged parts of Queensland.

Tweed Police Inspector Darren Steel said local officers would stick close to home in the event they were needed in the Tweed region.

“No one has been deployed,” Insp Steel said

“We are keeping the troops here in case something else develops that we would be needed for.”

Insp Steel said Tweed police had been keeping an eye on the Tweed region in the event of any flood warnings.

“We are in continued contact with the SES and they keep us updated on the situation,” Insp Steel said. The selected officers will be deployed in three contingents, with the first departing Sydney on Monday, January 17, to start duty the following day.

Each contingent will consist of 50 general duties police who will perform one week's duties before being replaced by the next contingent.

A group of five supervising officers will remain throughout the deployment.

All NSW Police will be sworn in as Queensland Special Constables prior to commencing active duty and will have full police powers while on duty in Queensland.

Officers selected will have a minimum two years' experience, be fully fit and possess a high level of operational competence and teamwork skills.

The NSW contingent will travel to Brisbane by air on Monday.

There are a number of officers already on the ground in Brisbane assisting with planning.

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