Geographical Information System’s Jane Wickers and Celeste Lees.
Geographical Information System’s Jane Wickers and Celeste Lees. Felicia Kosegi

Tweed Shire Council online

ARE you confused about what day new garbage collections are?

Would you like a bird’s-eye view of your property?

Yesterday, Tweed Shire Council unveiled its latest hi-tech wizardry, which allows anyone to find just such information at the click of a mouse.

The council gave a practical demonstration at its Murwillumbah headquarters of the new Tweed Maps section of its website – – which it likened to Google Maps – only with more detailed local information.

The new website pages are designed to allow members of the public to help themselves quickly and easily to a wide range of information instead of contacting council officers – a little like using online banking instead of going to see a teller.

The public can find information such as:

  •  What day is my garbage picked up?
  •  Where are the cycleways within Tweed Shire?
  •  Is my property flood-prone?
  •  What Local Environmental Plan zone is my property in?
  •  Where is my nearest bus stop?
  •  Can I view the aerial photography of my property?

The council’s technology and corporate services director Troy Green said the new system would allow people to view information whenever it suits them, rather than only during business hours.

“It also saves council time and money by not having staff answer inquiries which can be provided online,” he said.

“An exciting new feature of the online maps is a new search functionality, which allows partial string searches with an automated “zoom to” of all objects retrieved.

“I also believe that homeowners and people looking to acquire property will benefit from the new contour maps also available.

“The live link to MasterView property inquiry will also be of interest to those wanting to track DAs (development applications) and attain other property information related to land parcels.”

People using the new system would be able to access property information by entering their Lot and DP number or street address, Mr Green said.

“We think it will prove to be useful and accessible, as it works like Google Maps but uses local information,” he said.

The aerial photography on the site is based on 2007 images commissioned by the council.

The photos are due to be updated to 2009 imagery in the coming months.

The Tweed Maps web pages can be accessed either by clicking the mouse on Our Services, then Mapping on the council’s internet site, or by going directly to

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