Tweed takes in the refugees of red tape

A FORMER deputy mayor of the Gold Coast has blamed ditherers on the city's current council for pushing developers and residents across the border into Tweed.

David Power claims Gold Coast City Council is allowing good investment to move out of the city and head south.

His comments, due to be repeated at a development conference in Surfers Paradise on Thursday, come hard on the heels of claims by prominent Gold Coast town planners that investors are favouring the Tweed over the Gold Coast.

David Power, who was instrumental in the adoption of major Gold Coast town plans, said it was time the council cut through the mountainous red tape processes and delivered overdue improved infrastructure.

“The city has pulled over into the slow lane and is waving city investment to go past to Ipswich... or to do a U-turn and head south where Tweed district beckons with better cost efficiencies,” Mr Power said.

“The relationship between bureaucrats and the political wing of council is getting more and more like the British comedy 'Yes Minister' except that in our case it's not so funny.”

David Power was a councillor for a record 16 years before going into private consulting.

“It made me wince to hear our current councillors at the last election promote a slowing of growth for the sake of votes,” he said.

“What they didn't tell the public was that if growth slows, as it has in this economic crisis, then rates have to take up the massive shortfall to maintain revenue.

“In these difficult times to tell infrastructure investors such as developers, who create services and jobs, they can pack up and go to another city if they don't like the way things are run is extraordinary.

“Slowing growth has seen the council's revenue fall sharply. It's caused rates to go higher and ratepayers are now footing the bill.”

Mr Power said the global financial crisis couldn't be blamed for everything.

Mr Power is to deliver a paper called “Finding the right balance” at the Turning Point 2010 regional development industry conference at the Marriott Resort Hotel on Thursday.

The conference will be attended by business people from throughout Australia, including a team headed by Tweed Economic Development Corporation CEO Tom Senti.

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