BRAVE: Liu Bing Xin defended herself against a masked armed robber with a can of bug spray.
BRAVE: Liu Bing Xin defended herself against a masked armed robber with a can of bug spray. Claudia Baxter

Armed raid is foiled by bug spray

A BRAVE storekeeper has thwarted an armed robber brandishing a knife - with a can of bug spray.

A man entered the Four Square Convenience Store in Warwick Rd, Ipswich at 12.36pm yesterday.

Liu Bing Xin was at the counter and said the man waved the weapon and demanded cigarettes.

It was then that she took decisive action.

"He came into my shop wearing a mask and one hand was holding a knife," Ms Liu said.

"He jumped onto the counter and tried to come over. I said 'No, can't come in here'.

"I used one hand to hold his arm and with the other I got some spray that I keep beside the counter...and I sprayed him. I called out loud and then he ran out."

Ms Liu's husband was in the kitchen and heard the commotion. He then chased the man down Warwick Rd where he entered a getaway car driven by another male.

As the armed man was running away an alert resident driving his car took decisive action of his own.

"I saw the robber running up Warwick Rd towards the showgrounds as I was driving into town," the resident said

"He was wearing a green T-shirt over his face and it looked like it has eye slits cut out of it... and I saw the owner of the store running after him.

"I know the shop owner because I do a bit of shopping here and I said to my wife, 'That looks like a robbery'. I called Triple-O and reported the robbery to police."

Another witness saw the getaway vehicle, took down the registration number and alerted police.

A vehicle with two men inside was stopped by police at Yamanto a short time later.

The two occupants were arrested and later charged with attempted armed robbery.

They will appear in the Ipswich Courthouse today.

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