Two larceny charges upheld in court

A TWEED Heads removalist took jobs he knew he could never complete, the Tweed Heads Local Court heard on Monday.

Shane Christopher Honey pleaded not guilty to two counts of larceny, but was convicted of both charges after a short hearing.

He now awaits his April 11 sentencing.

The two counts related to Honey accepting money to deliver furniture, taking the items and never delivering them.

The court heard he was desperate for money as his business collapsed.

Honey maintained he made constant attempts to get the furniture to its owners but Magistrate Michael Dakin said the 38-year-old had acted fraudulently, having actively set out to mislead his clients.

The court heard from one witness who lost more than $20,000 worth of furniture after hiring Honey’s Tweed Valley Removals to take her furniture from Coraki to Cairns in late 2009.

She paid a $1500 deposit on November 17 and said she was told by Honey her furniture would be in Cairns two weeks later, but it never arrived.

The witness couldn’t get in contact with Honey to find out what happened to the furniture.

The court heard Honey had put the furniture in a rented storage shed but he didn’t pay the bills and the owner gave it away in May 2010.

Honey’s financial troubles saw his truck repossessed, phones disconnected and he was evicted from his house.

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