Narangba and north Brisbane pub struck by trio of robbers

IN JUST two hours, north Brisbane was struck by two armed robberies, both featuring a group of three men in hoodies.

Police do not officially consider the crimes linked but are investigating.

Three men targeted a Narangba service station on Oakey Flat Road for cigarettes, with one of the robbers pulling a hand-gun on the male cashier.

Police believe the trio walked into service station at 9.45pm and made threats before the staffer managed to escape when the men were distracted by a passing car.

They fled on foot.

The Queensland Police chopper and a police dog unit hunted for the three, which led to officers cordoning off a house in Kunara St.

After a search of the property and interviews with those inside, police moved on to search elsewhere.

All three are described as Caucasian. Two of them - one 185cm tall, the other 160cm tall - wore black hoodies.

The third was about 145cm tall, and wore a grey hoodie.

An hour later at 10.45pm, three men armed with knives and a bar demanded cash at a pub in Aspley, threatening a female staff member.

One of the men jumped on to the counter. All three left after stealing cash from the tills.

All three wore black hoodies and black balaclavas.

The first is described as Caucasian with white facial hair and solid build, wearing black pants and white shoes.

The second wore a baseball cap, black pants, and white shoes.

The third wore black and white striped pants with grey shoes.

In both incidents, there were no physical injuries.

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