Two thirds of QLD in drought but no fodder plan

THE Queensland Government has no plans to implement a fodder register despite almost two thirds of the state having been drought declared.  

Member for Condamine Ray Hopper called on the State Government during the final sitting week last year to introduce a fodder register so those in drought affected areas can readily access supplies and allow those who have fodder for sale to easily register it.  

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh said in his response tabled in State Parliament that historically fodder registers rarely worked.  

"The Queensland Government has introduced fodder registers in some droughts in the past, but these proved of limited value," he said.

"Supporting the fodder register was an expensive exercise with suppliers failing to update the database when feed supplies were no longer available, or producers failing to update their information when they no longer needed fodder.  

"Participants in the fodder market were not heavy users of these registers, clearly preferring to use other information sources available in the private sector."  

Mr McVeigh said given fodder is currently being adequately provided through private sector services it made little sense for the government to intervene and seek to replace those services.  

"Currently producers are able to source commercial fodder through feed suppliers and the successful Aussie

Helpers and its Buy a Bale program which is distributing donated fodder supplies and other support to drought-affected producers," he said.  

"The Queensland Government assists producers and Aussie Helpers with fodder freight costs."   There are 26 drought declared and six partially declared local government areas across Queensland, representing 62% of the state.  

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