Undercover cop says accused boasted about shooting

AN UNDERCOVER police officer posing as a prisoner told jurors how Anthony Stewart Bagley boasted about shooting a man shortly after he was arrested and placed in the same cell as the operative.

The undercover officer described in detail the secret recordings between the two at the Southport watch house where Mr Bagley admitted he "murdered the f***in c***" when the two got talking about the shooting which occurred in Broadbeach earlier in the week.

The former Hervey Bay resident has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Colin Edgar Lutherborrow on July 20, 2011, at Broadbeach Waters.

The court was told on Monday how two undercover police officers were placed in a cell at the watch house before Mr Bagley was placed in the same cell shortly after his arrest on July 25, 2011.

The officers, who used pseudonyms and cannot be named, said Mr Bagley admitted he was responsible for the "shootin' at Broadie" a few days earlier.

Earlier the court was played a reordered conversation at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre between Mr Bagley and detectives.

Justice Peter Lyons told jurors it was normal for a person who has been charged with murder to be held in such a facility until their court date and they should not draw any conclusions from it.

During the recording Mr Bagley repeatedly told the detectives that he was innocent and the truth would come out at his trial.

"I was there you know that, but I am not guilty," he said.

"I know everything about what really happened because I was there.

"You have it all wrong.

"If I was guilty I would man up about it.

"But, you have it all wrong . . the truth will come out."

Mr Bagley can be then heard boasting that he was going to engage top Queensland silk Michael Byrne and high-profile New South Wales barrister Winston Terracini for his bail application.

The trial before Justice Peter Lyons continues.

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