Penelope and Joshua
Penelope and Joshua

FOUND: Hero pup Penelope reunited with best mate Joshua

UPDATE 1.30PM: EMOTIONS are running high at the Adel family household this afternoon after missing hero dog Penelope returned home safe and well after a lonely night missing in the mangroves. 

Penelope was labelled a hero dog yesterday when she led the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service to missing Zilzie three-year-old Joshua. 

When the helicopter landed to pick up Joshua, Penelope got scared and ran into the mangroves and a huge community search has been underway since. 

But just before 1pm, the adored six-month-old puppy was reunited with his family and his best mate Joshua. 

Joshua's mum April Addilyn said she spent three hours searching the mangroves for Penelope this morning before finally spotting her close to where Joshua was found. 

"I found her in the mangroves and she was so scared it me about 15 minutes to coax her out," April said. 

"She has obviously stayed there all night to see if Josh was still there. She is definitely a hero dog."

April said besides being a little dehydrated, Penelope was fine and couldn't wait to be reunited with Joshua. 

"She was very thirsty. She has had a bath, a big drink and some food and now she is playing with Josh," she said. 

"He has been looking around the house for her all morning. He is so happy to have her back.

"I'm so glad she stayed with Joshua the whole time yesterday. I've never loved a dog so much in my life." 

Penelope is a white foxie dog. She is with Joshua, the three-year-old missing from New Forest Rd, Zilzie
Penelope is a white foxie dog. She is with Joshua, the three-year-old missing from New Forest Rd, Zilzie

INITIAL 9AM: SHE's the small dog everybody has hailed a hero.

But this four legged family pet is no where to be found after protecting her three-year-old mate Josh, who went missing from a Zilzie bay home yesterday.

Penelope the white mini foxy cross jack russell was the one who caught the attention of the rescue chopper thanks to her white coat standing out against the Zilzie Bay mudflats.

Unfortunately, the helicopter coming in to land spooked Penelope and she ran away. 

April Walters, dog owner and mum of the missing boy, said they spent yesterday looking for Penelope.

"A few people throughout the neighbourhood spotted her last night," she said.

"We stayed at my mums house last night and we're heading home now to check if she's (Penelope) there.

"I left the garage door open a bit for her so fingers crossed she's at home."

April will give us a further update on Penelope at 2pm this afternoon.

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