This spectacular shot of a sea osprey was captured at Cudgen Creek by Kingscliff reader Karen Follet.
This spectacular shot of a sea osprey was captured at Cudgen Creek by Kingscliff reader Karen Follet. Karen Follet

Urgent work required to save sea ospreys

KINGSCLIFF residents fear for the future of their endangered sea ospreys unless urgent work is undertaken by Tweed Shire Council to restore their nesting platform.

The nesting structure overlooking Cudgen Creek was blown over by gale-force winds recently, resulting in the death of two osprey chicks.

Kingscliff resident Nathan Epsie said there was no time to wait to repair the structure, with the parent birds seen trying to rebuild their nest over the past few days.

"They have been there over the last two or three days, bringing in big sticks,” Mr Epsie said.

"It is very sad, there is a pile of sticks gathering on the ground below, it is horrible.”

But council's coordinator of natural resource management Jane Lofthouse said moves were underway to have the platform repaired, with council looking to source a cherry picker.

"Council does have a cherry picker but it's not high enough for the platform,” Ms Lofthouse said.

"It hasn't been budgeted for but we will be looking to find some funds to do the work.”

Mr Espie said repairing the platform should be a top priority for council as it was their responsibility to maintain the nesting area.

"Let's take the red tape out of it,” Mr Epsie said.

"I can't believe in this day and age we can't get something simple together. For once in our life, let's do something about it.”

Residents are concerned the birds won't be able to nest until the platform is repaired but Ms Lofthouse said there were other locations for the osprey to nest.

"The platform has been up there at least 10 years, but prior to that the osprey were used to nesting on the tower,” Ms Lofthouse said.

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