Vandals hit Pottsville

UNRULY youths are suspected of being behind a “weekend of terror” at Pottsville.

A Pottsville resident, who wishes only to be known as Tania, was woken by police officers early Sunday morning to see a street full of cars which had been broken into, ransacked and vandalised.

“Then we found out they had stolen the line-marking paint cans from my husband's vehicle to vandalise shops, footpaths, roads, signs and homes throughout our neighbourhood, as well as our own car,” she said.

This follows a serious attack by young people on a group of visitors at a Pottsville caravan park on the Australia Day weekend, which left one man with a fractured eye socket and one with a broken ankle.

Tania, who previously had so much faith in the small coastal town she didn't lock her car doors, said she and the community are appalled by the behaviour.

“I believe in total there were seven cars broken into and vandalised and two vehicles stolen, one of which was burnt out on their adventure to Tweed Heads,” she said.

The vandals spray painted the local postcode, 2489, and 'MLC' on almost everything standing still in Mountbatten Court and parts of Overall Drive.

Tania said kids have told her MLC, the supposed gang name for the Pottsville crew, stands for Meth Lab Crew.

Although Tania's car was broken into she said nothing was taken.

“It wasn't about stealing, they were just making a mess.”

She rejected suggestions Pottsville has a gang problem, despite the weekend's crime spree.

“I've never seen any gang activity.

“We are a town of beautiful people and surroundings; it is a town where you feel safe to let your children play outside with other children.

“I've never had any trouble with the kids in the area,” she said.

A Kingscliff police spokesman agreed, saying gangs are not a major issue in Pottsville.

“There are groups in all towns that get territorial, but I wouldn't say it's a huge problem every weekend, or a gang,” he said.

He described last weekend's vandalism as a minor, isolated incident.

The spokesman said police had no suspects and, at this stage, do not consider the incident to be linked with the Australia Day weekend assaults.

Due to Tania's husband recently treating his vehicle with WD40 the police were able to retrieve good fingerprints off his car.

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