WELL DONE: Matthew Julius, Nigel Fletcher and Lyzick Nahi have worked hard to beat their addictions.
WELL DONE: Matthew Julius, Nigel Fletcher and Lyzick Nahi have worked hard to beat their addictions. Scott Powick

Victory for rehab program, plans to expand

DRUG addiction is one of the hardest things to beat but the people enrolled at Vibe Victory House are doing their best to regain their lives.

Since 2015, the rehab program has been run by Vibe Church founders David and Louise Nahi at Tweed Heads and aims to help men trying to beat their addictions.

Mr Nahi said the key to success after the men graduate the program was to keep busy.

"It is one thing to beat addiction but it's another to make sure you keep yourself occupied,” Mr Nahi said.

"Boredom is a big part of why guys get up to the wrong stuff. The program has quite a busy timetable so that's why it's important when they finish the program they transition into having a busy schedule.”

One of the program's recent graduates, Nigel Fletcher, has made a big effort to keep his addiction at bay, especially after he relapsed almost two years ago.

"The first time around I really had no point of reference because it was my first time in recovery,” Mr Fletcher said.

"I just thought it was something I did. I thought of it as a destination for me but now I realise it's more of a journey. I was able to jump on board a bit more and go a bit deeper.

"I was a lot more broken the second time round. I was under a lot of shame and guilt, I had a lot of regret because I had built trust with people I loved and I'd lost that all again. I lost my kids, I was homeless, I lost my job and I was very broken.”

But now Mr Fletcher is back on track with his personal training and reconnecting with family.

"Nigel's been awesome in the program because he's taken it really seriously and his example is actually a great example for the guys in the program,” Mr Nahi said. "The way that Nigel transitions into this part of his life is quite important because the other guys will be watching how he handles life out of the program.”

Since graduating from the program again in early December, Mr Fletcher said he was committed to remaining clean from drugs, especially after he almost lost his life.

"I was in hospital for five weeks in a coma. It really scared me and after that I thought I really needed to get to the bottom of things otherwise I'd lose my life.”

Mr Fletcher graduated alongside Matthew Julius and Lyzick Nahi. Both men are working as painters and Mr Julius is studying graphic design.

Ms Nahi said as the demand for places in the program grew she hoped to extend Vibe Victory House to more people.

"We've got a waiting list for another men's house and we'd like to open a women's house,” Ms Nahi said.

"To establish another house we'd need to completely furbish it, so if we had people willing to come on board for sponsorship we could expand what we do.”

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