VIDEO: Kingscliff's Justin Holland breaks leg, wins big

SURFER Mick Corbett has walked away with $20,000 after winning Ride of the Year at Oakley's Big Wave Award as Kingscliff's Justin Holland took out third place by riding Australia's biggest wave.

Zac Haynes took out the second place

Holland rode what was deemed as the Biggest Wave in Australian waters, at Western Australia's Cow Bombie, which resulted in a broken femur. 

The West Australian Corbett said he would share the prize money with best mate Jarryd Foster, who took the prize last year.

"The high you get from surfing these waves, there's nothing like it," Corbett said.

"You start getting nervous because you know it's going to be big.

"Then you watch the first wave and you're still pretty nervous, but then you get one and it's like, get me back out there I want another one!"

"This wave in particular, Jarryd turned around to me on the jet ski with a big grin and said, 'Don't even look at it, it's big!'

"So I didn't really look at the wave as I was being towed in, I just looked down the line and tried to put myself in a perfect position.

"I didn't really know what was going on behind me; I was just trying to position myself to get barreled.

"I didn't realise how big it was until I got back into the channel and all of the photographers were shaking their heads in disbelief calling it the biggest wave they have ever seen out there."

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