Clothiers creek residents against NBNCo.
Clothiers creek residents against NBNCo.

VIDEO: Residents protest against NBNCo internet tower

NOW in their second week of protests, Clothiers Creek residents against the installation of a 30m wireless internet tower, have increased their presence on Hammond Dr.

Last week police were called while residents slowed land clearing of the proposed site, and on Monday, police visited briefly before workers left, without accessing the site.

"There have been residents on the site the whole time, concerned, frustrated, trying to draw attention to the issues that we've got," group spokesperson and retired town planner Diane Morrison said.

Residents are so concerned about the Ericsson towers' health effects they have, with a lawyer, submitted "pre-tower" blood tests to NBNCo, advising them if a trend change in blood cell counts occur the company will be held liable.

Spokesperson Josh Broom, a pilot who has taken time off work for the protests, said NBNCo had been able to counter every one of the group's arguments, except in relation to internet speeds.

" ... Wired internet is currently up to four times faster than the proposed wireless service - Kingscliff now has fibre at around 100Mbs. The tower will offer up to 25Mbs," Mr Broom said.

Tweed Shire Councillor Katie Milne attended the protest.

"I put a motion in council in February seeking the councillors to support the communities concerns and lobby the state and Federal government to look at raising those concerns and seeing what sort of changes we can get to the laws," Cr Milne said.

"Unfortunately that motion didn't get passed, it was only Tweed Mayor Gary Bagnall and I."

Leone Friman who took the morning off work to protest said the group represented "the tip of the ice berg" of those against NBNCo.

"Interestingly these towers are moved a distance of 500m from schools. There are seven kids living within 400m of this tower, yet they move them away from schools."

Residents say they will not give up the fight.

"We're taking it in turns," Ms Friman said. "There's always some representative here trying to block any work at all."

They have called in residents from other towns against the wifi towers, for support.  

One supporter was James Creagh from Lily Rock, south of Mount Burrell, where residents fought off a tower. He told locals at today's protest they will continue to have support from Nimbin groups.

Ms Morrison said it wasn't difficult to rally likeminded troops.  

"We think the issue is big enough that we're thinking in terms of other groups, so you've got people here from the Blue Knob Nimbin area where I know there's going to be some towers built.

"I think you need to dig a little bit and you find groups like this all over Australia."  

Nimbin Action Group initially suggested the pre-tower blood tests, legal representation and a social media campaign.   

These "peaceful protest" tactics have been used at the Bentley blockade which successfully blocked CSG mining and in the UK against similar internet towers.

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