Seal at Cabarita.
Seal at Cabarita.

VIDEO: Seal dazzles locals at Cabarita Beach

A SICK seal spotted swimming around Cabarita headland by residents has been removed by Sea World for further treatment.

Locals flocked to the beachside yesterday afternoon following reported sightings of the pup seal over recent days.

A Sea World spokesman said the seal was transported by vehicle back to the theme park about 10.30am today, with an update on its health not expected for a few days.

The marine organisation was called in by volunteers from ORRCA and Australian Seabird Rescue, who monitored the seal overnight. 

Sea World veterinarian David Blyde said such occurrences were not uncommon at this time of the year.  

"We expect to see more over the coming weeks," Mr Blyde said.

"These younger seals have just been weaned from their mothers and their inexperience coupled with extreme weather conditions can result in getting caught in currents and floating north."  

Kendyl Starr of Cabarita filmed the young animal as it swam at Norries Headland yesterday afternoon at about 3pm.

See the post by Kendyl Starr onto the Boganguardian Facebook page

"I was down there with my little boy and noticed something in the water," she said.

"There was a few people watching with us from the beach, but not a single person in the water.

"It was amazing. I'm there in my bikini enjoying the warm sun, I didn't expect a seal this far north."

The last time a seal was seen at Cabarita Beach was around 2012.

Sea World identified the fur seal as being of New Zealand origin and rescued the animal to be treated for dehydration and exhaustion.

Last week, an injured seal that washed up on a Gold Coast beach died despite attempts by Sea World staff to save it.

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