Tweed video store enjoys boom as other shops shut

MOVIE STAR: Lyn Howard still enjoys renting movies from the video shop.
MOVIE STAR: Lyn Howard still enjoys renting movies from the video shop.

VIDEO store owner Helen Conway reckons there's plenty of life left in the industry, despite three other shops closing in Tweed.

The Blockbuster Tweed Heads owner believes the grim perceptions of the movie rental industry aren't aligned with reality - and she has the customers to prove it.

"We're doing great," Ms Conway said.

"Why wouldn't we be if other stores have closed?"

With competition disappearing, Ms Conway said it was no surprise they had been busy.

After more than eight years owning the Wharf St store, Ms Conway said she was "not going anywhere".

She said the industry wasn't dead; rather, it was evolving.

"The industry has changed, and we have to change with it," Ms Conway said.

Ms Conway said a willingness to adopt new ideas would mean approaching change in a more positive way.

However, not all stores are doing so well.

Chester Casson has owned Kingscliff's Leading Edge Video for 18 years. Now, he feels a plethora of alternative options has really put the pressure on movie rentals.

"TV shows are still fairly popular, because people like to watch shows without the ads," Mr Casson said.

He said niche and arthouse movies were still fairly popular on the rental front.

Mr Casson said it was clear young people weren't as interested in renting any more, with family-oriented rentals on the decline.

He said illegal online streaming and downloading were big issues for his industry.

"It doesn't worry anybody, really; their chance of getting caught is next to nothing," he said.

Mr Casson believes there's still hope for DVD rentals, with plenty of reasons to head to your local store.

He said product reliability and movie expertise weren't as guaranteed with illegal products.

"That's the big bonus of being able to come into the store and talk to someone; you can get a recommendation or if you can't remember the name of a movie, we can help you out."


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