VIDEO: Silva snaps his own leg with massive kick in UFC bout

WARNING: Footage shows a serious injury.

HERE is what could well be the final kick of Anderson Silva's legendary Ultimate Fighting Championship career after the Brazilian suffered a horrific leg break during his rematch for the middleweight title against Chris Weidman at UFC 168 on Saturday night.

UFC President Dana White called it the "worst injury in UFC history".

The 38-year-old was taken out on a stretcher after the shocking injury to his left leg during the second round at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, when he kicked Weidman's leg but the force of the strike snapped his own leg at the shin.

Referee Herb Dean immediately ended the fight, and Weidman retained his title with a second-round technical decision.

It was the first time that Silva had lost successive UFC bouts. He had previously gone seven years undefeated in the Octagon before his first loss to Weidman in July.

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