Violence rising in Coolangatta

A VIOLENT attacker got more than he bargained for when he leapt on boxer Paul “Hurricane” Briggs in Coolangatta.

Mr Briggs, the current number one contender for Danny Green’s IBO Cruiserweight world championship, was celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday at a Coolangatta night spot late last year when he said a man attacked him on the dance floor.

“It was the first time in 10 years someone had come to have a crack at me. He got more than he bargained for,” he said.

“He was following me around before and I had warned him to back off. Next time I turned around and he had his shirt off and he lunged at me. I just knocked him out.”

Mr Briggs, 34, of the Gold Coast, credited the unprovoked attack on him as his inspiration to come out of retirement and get back in the ring.

“I just realised how much I loved fighting, but not the violent sense of it,” he said. “It reignited something in me. It’s something I’ve done since I was 16.

“It’s not something I’m proud of, but it got me back into the ring. I was just acting in self defence.”

Mr Briggs said the attack had shocked him.

“I never realised how violent it was in Coolangatta until then,” he said.

“I’ve heard so many stories now about the gang problems in the area.”

He said a friend who has lived in Coolangatta for 25 years was looking to move away from the area because of the violence.

“That’s a sad situation when someone who has lived their life there moves his family away because of something like this.

“It’s a beautiful place; we can’t let this sort of thing ruin it,” he said.


Fight night

Paul Briggs will take on Danny Green for the IBO Cruiserweight world title on July 21 in Sydney.

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