Wallaby shot by crossbow arrow

A KYOGLE resident got the fright of his life recently when he came across a wallaby that had been shot with a crossbow arrow.

The man, who asked not be named, was driving around the corner of Ettrick and Geneva Streets when he made the cruel discovery last Tuesday.

“I could see it had something in it,” he said.

“As I approached the animal it took off and as it took off, it stood on the arrow that was through it and pulled it out.

"I say it would have died because it had quite a bit of (matter) on the arrow.

“It’s quite disturbing that someone in the town would do such a thing.”

After collecting the arrow, which he described as a “hunting arrow”, the man informed the police about the incident.

But the incident was not an isolated one.

“My wife has seen two adult and one small wallaby dead on Geneva Street and around Campbell Road recently,” the man said.

He said his wife could not see how they had died but contemplated whether the wallabies had been shot with an arrow and the arrow had been removed.

He doubted whether the animals would have been hit by a car as most of the streets around the Kyogle CBD are 50km.

“We have these wallabies come into our yard and we love them,” he said.

“To have somebody do this, it’s just appalling.

“There should be something done about it and the person who did this should be taken to court.

"They need some sort of penalty.”

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

In 2009, a Victorian man was sentenced to four months jail for animal cruelty for shooting three kangaroos with a bow and arrow and leaving them alive to suffer.

Animal Liberation (NSW) executive director Mark Pearson said police take animal cruelty very seriously.

“The person who shot this wallaby, and it suffered for a long period of time, should get the maximum penalty,” Mr Pearson said.

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