Airport evacuation made fun by live music

WATCH: Musicians make most of Brisbane Airport evacuation

PASSANGERS at Brisbane Airport were evacuated on Monday afternoon after smoke alarms inside the domestic terminal were activated.

Brisbane Airport Corporation took to social media to say the evacuation was part of its normal procedure policies.

It is understood the alarm was set off in one of the restaurant kitchens near the Qantas terminal.

Brisbane Airport Corporation thanked passengers for their assistance in evacuating the terminal in a timely manner.

Passenger Rowan Hunnam, who was on a flight back to Gladstone after a trip to Scotland, said she was already delayed half an hour or more when the alarm went off.

"A couple of minutes later we were told to evacuate. We were outside for 15-20 minutes," she said.

"We still haven't had any official communication but the Gladstone passengers were the first to be rushed through long queues at security.

"Great atmosphere while evacuated though when other passengers got out their instruments to amuse the crowd."


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