Greens mayor Katie Milne is running in the 2016 council election.
Greens mayor Katie Milne is running in the 2016 council election. Justin Ealand

Water is top priority for Tweed Mayor

HAPPY New Year to everyone. Hope you had a good clean out of 2016 during the break and are ready for a fresh, new 2017.

The first lot of challenges for Council for 2017 will be the three water mining applications for Urliup, Dungay, and the Uki one that has reapplied.

There has been vehement opposition from communities facing this prospect.

This sort of heavy freight industry is something that could affect any community that has a general rural zoning beyond their area.

People are concerned extraction of this public water resource could lead to water shortages for the local farmers and the ecosystem generally, particularly with climate change upon us.

Locals are also extremely concerned not only for their peace and serenity but for their safety and their children's' safety having to confront large and endless truck movements on these very narrow, low standard, rural roads, often with steep drop off's and over grown ditches.

This water extraction is the stuff that fills up all those plastic water bottles.

It takes up to 3-7 litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water and takes over 1000 years for these bottles to fully bio-degrade.

If we don't want this industry we should stand by our principles and forego this luxury rather than just burden another community with this problem.

I will be putting to this new council whether they want to continue with the old council's endorsement of this extraction industry.

I would prefer to see council providing more water bubblers and people bringing their own water from home.

It's really not that hard to just drink more when you get home, or find a tap somewhere if out. We all laughed 20 years ago when they tried to convince us to pay for something that was free.

It's way over time we started caring more about the extreme pollution of the planet and our consequent future safety.

I do thank you for having voted in a council who I believe will be more cognisant about setting a better example and put your safety and sustainability as a priority.

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