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Celebrity chef Curtis Stone Rob Williams

WATERCOOLER: Should fussy children go hungry?

CELEBRITY chef Curtis Stone has said parents should let their kids go hungry if they refuse to eat what's been prepared for them.

Mr Stone told the Herald Sun, rather than pandering to picky eaters, parents should put the meal in the fridge and offer it to them again later.

"Say you make a fish pie and the kids won't eat it, I'd wrap it up, put it away and offer it again later when they're hungry.

"I think the problem is too many parents worry about their kids being hungry that they let their children dictate what they eat.

"I don't see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. They'll eat when they're hungry," Mr Stone said.

The Australian chef, who has two young sons, also urged parents to give their kids vegetables.

"Your kid is going to embrace whatever you expose them to, right, that's just a fact of life.

"People tell you, 'no, no my kid likes this or my kid likes that'. My opinion is; that's just not accurate," he said.



What you're saying on Facebook:

Shannon Smith-Erb: "I would prefer not to make it a battle ground. My now 4 year old was fussy as hell for the first 3 years of her life - I just kept trying with the foods we all ate but often made her a little side meal. Now she will happily eat most stuff including raw veg / salad etc - i dont think anyone needs to be forced to eat - kids are people and some people dont like certain foods - meh - you can still teach kids to eat well and healthily without saying 'eat this or starve'."

Allen Dalton: "Yes !!!!! You don't like it toughen up !!!!! They will eat anything you give them if they are hungry enough ....too many parents giving in to spoilt children !!!!!!!!!!"

Dan Lee: "Yes. I read a great article about teaching ur child to eat healthily and the human instinct is to EAT, u have to trust the child will eventually cave and eat their food. They will not die of hunger. I offer my toddler food, if she refuses then I put away and offer later. She eats such a vast variety as we don't make "food a big issue"."

Silvio Rodriguez: "Fussy as in they want to eat twisties over a proper meal, then yes. But if they're fussy cause mum/dad is having them eat lambs brain and snails with X side of salad, then No. Get real, they're children."

Dee Cheryl: "Lynda Bischof My youngest didn't want to eat anything but junk. I enforced the no eat, no food rule. She soon learned and has a healthy view of food and will try most things. She didn't 'like ' eggs, tomatoes, tuna, lamb, etc. At their age the look puts them off more than anything and you can't really rely on thier judgement at that moment as final. They are kids. They're NOT mature."

Aleisha Gee: "Yes and no. My daughter has a heart condition and is on the very underweight side. I will not let her go hungry because she needs to put on weight and if she doesn't, when she gets sick she gets it bad and looses heaps of weight. In a perfectly healthy child who is on the normal percentiles for weight yep agree whole heartedly."

Natalie Loffler: "Until you have a child that literally will starve themselves rather than eat. I had a 7 month old baby who lost over a kilo due to his refusal to eat solids. Took him to a paediatrician who sent him for a brain scan because of the 3 children he'd seen who completely ignored that instinct to eat - 2 of them had brain tumours. Luckily my son was not one of those and has now overcome this issue (which had nothing to do with him just being fussy). My point: don't judge another parent - you aren't living in their shoes."

Deborah Devine: "Totally agree and say yes to this one.Too many kids these days dont eat healthy and its because parents chose to just cook them something different to what they are having for tea.I believe one meal should be cooked for the whole family and f you dont like it go without simple.Prices these days for food are rediculous and has the money to fill their cupboards and fridges with all these different products because they are to lazy to foot their foot down and say no.No wonder so many kids are constantly sick these days its all about noodles,cheesy mac, or take away maccas or hungry jacks."

Kate Cheatham: "Yes as a general rule!! There are always some special circumstances where you can't stick to this but I believe it's hard work and requires effort to raise a child to eat healthy. It's much easier to give in and let them eat what they want. Too many parents take the easy road and give in these days."

Jeanie Deans: "You bet. My mum did this for five kids and it did not hurt us in the slightest. Parents today need to stop pampering to their children."

Kellie McDonald: "Natalie Loffler that's different that's a medical condition we are talking children who won't eat it because they want something else !!! And know that there is nothing wrong with them they just don't like vegetables !!! My 9 year old will refuse to eat her vegetables I tell her she needs to eat vegetables or she won't get a small treat after dinner!!! Or she will miss out on something else and she eats the whole lot rather quickly yours was a medical condition and that's different again !!! Glad you son wasn't one of the ones!!!"

Chloe Fesuk: "You can't exactly let children starve that's cruelty. It's also illegal in childcare centres. You legally cannot withhold food from a child for any reason."

Lisa Ann: "My rule is they have to give it a decent try first. I revisit those foods every now and then, because our taste and experiences change. There isn't many foods my kids won't eat."

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