Weighing in on Winter: some light lunch time tips

WINTER can be a difficult time for anyone trying to lose weight and be healthy.

Those icy cold mornings and tempting winter warmer foods can tempt the strongest of people and lead to winter weight gain.

It's also a time when we seem to forget to eat our fruits and vegetables, meaning we miss out on essential vitamins and minerals which build our immunity against winter colds and flus.

Lunch time in particular can be a real struggle, especially if you're not prepared. Walking into the food court can undo all of your hard work so I have some 'symple' tips to help you stay healthy and fabulous:

STUFFED POTATO - fill it with some cheese and add a salad - avoid sour cream and lots of butter and fatty meats.

KEBABS - fill with salad and avoid adding cheese, avocado and tahini as they are all going to add a lot of fat to the dish. There is enough fat in the meat. Have sauces such as tomato, BBQ and chilli instead of creamy sauces.

STIR FRIES - avoid meat or fish that is battered and fried. Boiled rice is better than fried and if you can ask for sauce on the side.

SOUPS - avoid those that are cream based.

Some good choices within the food court include Subway, Sumo Salad, Healthy Habits and Sushi.



1.   Don't overload -  instead order 2 entrée size meals

2.  Avoid fried fish - choose grilled fish and always ask if the meal has fries with it so you can control what you get on your plate. Seafood is always a good option but try and keep it as natural as possible.

3.  Tomato based sauces instead of the high fat creamy ones are a better choice

4.  Sauces and dressings - ask for them to be served on the side, then add as much or as little as you like.

5.  Dessert - If you want a dessert then either share one with a friend so that you only get half the fat and kilojoules or order fruit salad. I also think that most times we are just looking for something a little sweet to finish the meal off so instead of having a dessert which you probably don't need order a skinny cappuccino.

6.  Alcohol - will make you feel foggy and sluggish, not ideal if you're on a dead line or have to pick up the kids from school.

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From Symply Too Good To Be True Book 1

4 large potatoes

FOR A CRISPY SKIN:  Preheat oven 200°C fan forced.

Wash potatoes, bake on middle shelf for 1-1¼ hours or until soft when squeezed.

FOR A SOFT SKIN: Wash potatoes, pierce skin a few times with fork. Place a layer of absorbent towel on turntable, arrange potatoes around outer edge, cover with paper towel and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Turn potatoes over and cook a further 5 minutes or until soft when squeezed.



Use recipe for Basic Bolognaise on page 41.

Spoon mixture on top of cut potato, sprinkle ¼ cup (30g) 25% reduced-fat grated tasty cheese over each potato. Garnish with chopped tomato and shredded lettuce (optional).


Use recipe for Chilli Con Carne on page 41.

Spoon mixture on top of cut potato, sprinkle ¼ cup (30g) 25% reduced-fat grated tasty cheese over each potato. Garnish with chopped tomato and shredded lettuce (optional).


In a little water microwave 1 small diced onion and 2 cups frozen corn kernels on high for 5 minutes. Stir in 2 cups canned creamed corn, microwave for 2 minutes. Microwave or dry fry 4 rashers (100g) diced VERY LEAN bacon, drain on paper towel. Spoon ¼ of corn mixture and ¼ of diced lean bacon over each cut potato. Sprinkle ¼ cup (30g) 25% reduced-fat grated tasty cheese over each potato. Garnish with chopped tomato and shredded lettuce (optional).


Nutritional Information

PER POTATO                                   POTATO PLAIN                                SW CORN/BACON

FAT                 TOTAL                       0.2g                                                     1.9g

                        SATURATED            0.0g                                                     0.3g

FIBRE                                                 4.5g                                                     8.6g

PROTEIN                                           5.4g                                                     7.4g

CARBS                                             29.7g                                                   47.6g

SUGAR                                              1.1g                                                   10.4g

SODIUM                                             7mg                                                 477mg

KILOJOULES                               614 (cals 146)                                      999 (cals 238)

GI RATING                                Medium                                                Medium




FAT                             TOTAL                                     7.4g

                                    SATURATED                          4.5g

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