Chloe and Kelly present their
Chloe and Kelly present their "mediocre" trio of cheese. JK D'Arcy

Well-travelled mates barely squeak by on My Kitchen Rules

CONTROVERSIAL cooks Chloe and Kelly ate their words on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

As the final team of the first group to host their instant restaurant, the best mates had plenty of time to talk themselves up at the dinner table.

The well-travelled friends admit to loving the "finer things" in life and shared perhaps a few too many stories about how many dishes they'd eaten in various countries around the world.

Expectations were high around the table at their Gatsby-themed instant restaurant Nouveau, after the pair was intensely critical of the other five teams' dishes.

But the girls narrowly survived elimination after only excelling with one of their three courses, falling short of their goal to score at least two perfect 10's from judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans.

Chloe and Kelly started the night with an ambitious entrée of three cheese canapés.

"Are they good enough to stand on their own if we just had one on the plate? None of them ticked that box for me. In a word: mediocre," Evans said.

"The bread that you used, did you make it? It's a bit of store-bought bread under a piece of cheese; very hard and very dry."

Feildel was a bit kinder, praising their brie but critiquing their pairing of the cheese with melon.

The Perth mates had to beat Andrew and Emelia's less than average score of 47 to stay in the competition.

But after the less than impressive entrée, the Canberra couple was feeling hopeful about surviving the first elimination.

The girls rebounded with their main course, a Spanish paella.

"I was dreaming of a mini paella pan with all the bits and pieces in there. Instead I got plated paella rice with some rabbit on top and some snails, and you know what? I loved it," Feildel said.

Evans added: "The flavor you got into that dish was absolutely amazing. I thought your paella was sensational. It looked a little bit dry but it's basically the only negative I've got of your dish. Wow, thank you."

But their so-called rivals Helena and Vikki couldn't stomach the paella, calling it the worst dish main dish in the competition so far.

Kelly and Chloe serve up their entree to the judges.
Kelly and Chloe serve up their entree to the judges.

Sadly, Chloe and Kelly crashed and burned with their dessert. They were slammed for using store-bought puff pastry and plating up a dish that wasn't a true Millefeuille.

"I love half of your dessert but I don't like the other half of your dessert," Feildel said.

"Millefeuille is obviously layers of custard and puff pastry. The puff pastry is actually the main ingredient in a Millefeuille. This is cardboard and I don't care what excuse you've got for the puff, it's not good enough for me. It's a cooking competition girls."

Evans was equally as disappointed with the store-bought puff pastry, calling it "nearly inedible".

"Eating your dessert the only thing going through my head was 'I bet you these girls haven't even eaten their own dessert'," he said.

"Two layers of the three were unenjoyable. I'd go so far as to say it was nearly inedible."

The final scores were then revealed in downtown Perth.

It came down to the wire, with the girls beating Andrew and Emelia by just two points.

Andrew said he and his girlfriend were "gutted" but their elimination.

The second round of instant restaurants starts tomorrow with NSW newlyweds Uel and Shannelle hosting the first dinner.

The young couple's romance blossomed over their shared love of cooking.

Chloe and Kelly breathed a sigh of relief after narrowly staying on the show.
Chloe and Kelly breathed a sigh of relief after narrowly staying on the show.


Entrée: Trio of cheese

Main: Peasant's paella with rabbit and snails

Dessert: Millefeuille with passion fruit custard and lime tequila curd

Score: 49/100

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