A whale breaches off the Tweed Coast.
A whale breaches off the Tweed Coast. Blainey Woodham / Tweed Daily Ne

Whales embark on annual journey

THERE’S a lot of reasons to dislike winter, but whale migratory season isn’t one of them.

It’s a spectacle that draws visitors and locals to the tops of cold, windy lookouts in hopes of catching even a glimpse of the mammoth humpback whales.

It’s not officially whale season until next Wednesday, but locals have wasted no time in pointing out the reawakening of the whale highway.

Residents have already begun frequenting local headlands in a calm sentinel duty, awaiting one splash or breach from the mighty mammal.

Kingscliff-based Watersports Guru owner Tim Jack Adams, who runs whale watching tours, said trips would begin when they had a “100% guarantee” of spotting a whale, but that’s not far off now.

“Although we are getting some whales now, we try to start our tours from June so people can get out and have a great experience,” he said.

He looked forward to the looming season.

“To be honest, this is the best part of winter,” he said.

In Australian waters, you can take motorised boats as close as 100m from a whale. They often approach a boat if the engine has been switched off.

Mr Jack Adams said this was invariably a magical experience. and recalled one time he was late for a wedding at Hasting’s Point because three adult humpback whales spent two hours circling the boat.

“We could literally touch their noses,” he said.

“I had to get one of my brothers to bring my tux to the wedding venue, and have a shower there.

“At the wedding, the whales were breaching in the background at Hastings Point.”

If whale-spotting from dry land is more your thing, the best options on the Tweed include Point Danger, Hastings Point, Fingal and Cabarita.

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